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Decades of real estate experience

Property Pals started in 2005 but Steve and Pam have been in the real estate industry for many years.

Our company is small but efficient and professional. Grassroots, grown literally here in Cayman with ethos from our ancestors: honesty, hard work, dedication and friendliness go a very long way.

Our Story

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Caymanian Steve Parsons has a wide variety of listings and strong business contacts. He can help you make the right real estate investment with ease, whether you are looking to buy or sell. Steve offers full service and aims to get you the results you are after.

His mentality is that he is selling ‘his island’, which he has and always will call home and that with that goes the history behind it. The same logic applies to a purchase! A sense of pride is included with the sale because you now own a slice of Cayman!

Pam started her real estate career in the administrative field with Cayman Islands Realty (now Coldwell Banker) back in 1993. Those were the days before the CIREBA system was online and email was actually an essential need! Old school methods were great teaching tools! Pam learned a lot from some of Cayman’s most prominent real estate agents and watched the industry grow from a sleepy “time forgotten island” to a world-famous sophisticated destination it is today.

After over 20 years behind the scenes, she obtained her real estate license with CIREBA and works daily to stay on top of the trends and market changes. Her joy of being a full time real estate agent is evident to anyone who speaks to her.

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Exceptional Customer Service

You can trust Property Pals’ experienced husband and wife duo, Steve and Pam Parsons, who have excellent reputations for delivering results with honesty and integrity.  Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, we ensure a down to earth, stress-free experience. As native Caymanians, we possess valuable knowledge of both the Cayman Islands and the real estate market and are known for providing exceptional customer service in all aspects of the real estate world. We can help you move within the island or to the island and can provide input on all the logistics of doing so.

We believe in complete follow through, attention to all the details and ensuring that you are taken care of during and after a closing.

Buying? We don’t stop when the Transfer documents are signed. We provide support for renovations, contractor details, utility connections, and furniture purchases! All the details that come after you buy a property.

Selling? Well just because you have the check doesn’t mean our job is done! We will follow up and make sure that your property is transferred in a timely manner, help with moving homes, closing out utility accounts and much more.
At Property Pals, we will discuss your needs at length before putting a plan into action that’s perfect for your investment goals.


To provide honest, straight-forward and detailed guidance and attention to our clients and customers, ensuring that they have a positive and successful experience.

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