Caymanian Steve Parsons, the Licensed Broker and Owner of Property Pals, has a wide variety of listings and strong business contacts. He can help you make the right investment in real estate with ease, whether you are looking to buy or sell. Steve offers full service and aims to get you the results you are after.

His mentality is that he is selling ‘his island’, where he has and always will call home and that with that goes the history behind it. The same logic applies to a purchase: a sense of pride is included with the sale because you now own a slice of Cayman!

Steve is at least an 11th generation Cayman and his love of sun, sea and land is evident from the second you meet him. His hobbies are well…everything water based: snorkeling, fishing, playing with Stingrays, getting conch and lobster (when its their seasons), being on a boat any chance he can.  It’s not only his hobby, it’s his passion!

When he has to be on land, Steve enjoys working and researching properties, seeing who owns what, what developments are underway, etc. Downtime involves hanging out with his wife, Pam, and their three kids. Though the kids are older now, he remains involved in their daily lives but used to be a Little League Coach and active in their various activities and school lives.

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    • Real Estate Agent

Pam, is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and Property Manager in the Cayman Islands. She has spent over 25+ years gaining extensive knowledge of the Islands real estate. Pam has grown a wide and diverse clientele market, and she specializes in managing luxury vacation properties for a local and overseas clientele. 

Having had extensive experience in the industry, she knows the sales market and has what it takes to get her clients to maximize cash flow for vacation and rental investments.  She has built a reputation for exceptional property management and works hard to ensure your Cayman investment is well taken care of 365 days a year. 

Pam is actively involved in her families lives, local organizations and the Cayman Islands Baptist Church.