Selling Tips

Ofcourse we want your business, but we want it for the right reasons!

Before you consider selling your piece of real estate, we will ask you the most important question: why are you selling?

Some people sell because they see they can perhaps make money on their home due to having lots of equity in it, or no mortgage at all and they see “profit” in selling.



  • What are you going to replace your property with?
    • If you are leaving Cayman, need a smaller or larger property, want to sell due to debt-related issues, those are all very good reasons to list.

    • Be sure that if you’re selling to get out of debt that the bank will release their charge and that your debt balance is less than the selling price, otherwise a sale cannot be completed.

      • It’s not always a good time to sell. Talk to us about listing options and market trends before selling, sometimes waiting is better, and sometimes not selling is the answer too!

Selling a residential property? Curb appeal, cleanliness and less clutter are 3 very big factors to address.


Potential buyers do not want to see YOU living there. They want to see how THEY will look living there. De-personalize as much as you can by displaying less ornamental keepsakes, and fewer family photos give the buyer an open mind to see where their stuff will go!


Most people drive by a house that’s for sale before they actually schedule a viewing inside. Curb appeal and first impressions are EVERYTHING.


Condo sellers: make your condo stand out from the rest with special touches right at the entryway. You should not paint or change windows or doors, but you can make buyers feel welcome to YOUR home with a nice doormat, flower pot, and a welcome sign on the door (whatever is allowed within the strata rules). We are happy to provide insight into what will set your property apart from others.

We customize our marketing plans to each individual listing. What may work for one property may not work for another and you will have different goals than someone else.  Talk to us about your selling options and let us determine if now is your time to sell, what your list price should be and where you want to go when your property does sell.


It involves more than “signs, website marketing, CIREBA postings” as they are what all agents do. Find out how we do it differently!

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