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Stamp Duty Concessions in Cayman Brac

Effective 1st January 2021

Rates of Duty




All land transactions subject to the following conditions and definitions for the concession:

i) The stamp duty waiver will be for the development of accommodation dwelling (homes and apartments) and any other physical structure from which a business – whatsoever the nature of the business – can be carried on;

ii) The stamp duty waiver will be granted on both individuals and legal entities;

iii) Development is defined as construction being completed within four years of the purchase of the property;

iv) Completion is defined as when the development is fit for occupancy; and

v) If the development of the property is not completed within four years and in the absence of a reasonable explanation, applicants are required to either pay the stamp duty in full or request a further extension from the Hon. Minister for Finance and Economic Development in order to complete the development of the property but, the extension may be declined and stamp duty becomes payable.




Of consideration or Market Value, whichever is higher

Transfer of Land relating to the purchase of properties already built on the Cayman Brac.


This information should be used for general information purposes only. The actual amount of Stamp Duty payable on any document can only be assessed upon its submission to the Lands and Survey Department. The information provided is believed to be correct to the best of the author’s knowledge, however in the event of any contradiction, The Stamp Duty Law and associated Regulations will prevail.
The Stamp Duty (2019 Revision) can be downloaded from the Documents-Laws & Regulations section of our website, Further information can be provided by calling +1 (345) 244 3420 and asking to speak to a member of the Valuation & Estates office, or by emailing